One-Line Bio

A Full Service Advertising and Public Relations Agency.


DS&P is an 11 yr old, full service advertising and public relations agency. And we're all about whatever it takes. In other words, we use every time of media vehicle you can imagine (and a few you probably can't) to get the message where it needs to go.
Dave Syferd & Partners is mid-sized agency, offering a senior team. Yet we don't have overhead bureaucracy of a large New York Sotck Exchange agency. We have one office. In Seattle. It's very nice. And from that office we produce national and international work. Or to put it another way, DS&P is a mid-size, northwest agency that can get the job done without all that big agency red tape, overhead, or profit quotas.
We are an experienced team that is expectional in its ability to intergrate and develop strategy, tactics, messages and images that make people... take a deep breath... shop, eat, laugh, care, shake their heads, repeat a saying, go skiing, drink some milk, recycle their latte cup, watch sports, or buy a new truck.